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Any divorce or separation is painful and complicated but if the relationship crosses international boundaries the difficulties multiply. Avoiding multi-jurisdictional disputes in an international divorce while securing the best outcome for you, your children and your assets requires expert guidance from experienced solicitors. Our divorce lawyers in London provide strategic and empathetic advice to clients from all over the world.

Punam Denley talks about International Jurisdictional Disputes

You’re probably reading this because you’re already experiencing or can foresee complications as you separate and divorce. Maybe you are a foreign national or an English citizen in a relationship with a foreign national, unsure as to your rights or theirs in England or overseas.

International or foreign divorce throws up many questions:

  • Is it better to divorce here or abroad?
  • What country has jurisdiction?
  • Can I divorce in a foreign country because my partner or I were born, lived or have property there?
  • What rights do I have either here or overseas?
  • What happens with child custody?
  • What will happen to my assets if I divorce overseas?
  • Do I need to be present or live in in the England & Wales to get my divorce?
  • Do I need to register a foreign divorce in England & Wales?
  • Can an order made overseas be enforced in England?
  • Do I need a financial order in England if I divorced in a foreign country?

It is a complex business and the answers in every case may be different. In every case however you’ll be concerned about your assets, your rights and your children, which is why you need to have your questions answered fully and in a way that is directly applicable to your circumstances by the experienced international family law team at Blanchards Law.

Foreign or English Jurisdiction

Every nation has its own set of laws relating to divorce. In some circumstances these may be favourable to you, in others English law will be of the greatest benefit.

Knowing where to start legal proceedings is therefore complicated and can be influenced by a number of elements depending on the country, of especial significance are:

  • Where you have lived during your marriage
  • Where your property/assets are located
  • Your nationality
  • Where you married

Once you tell us about your individual circumstances, our expert international divorce lawyers will be able to advise you about registering a foreign divorce in the UK. Alternatively, we can provide options that will allow you to reach the most advantageous outcome for you, your finances and your children. If that is another country, we will take advice for you and direct you to appropriate specialists there, so that you can begin proceedings expeditiously.

Should you have already divorced in an overseas jurisdiction, we can take steps to register your foreign divorce in the English court where that is necessary.

Financial Orders made overseas or in the England & Wales

When we talk about Financial Orders we mean the financial settlement made by a court in respect of a separating or divorcing couple. In the case of international divorce, it can mean that a financial order made by a foreign court needs to be enforced in England & Wales, such as for the transfer of a property or the payment of maintenance.

Equally an English court may make the financial order but it may need to be enforced overseas.

Ensuring your international financial settlement is complied with is important for your peace of mind and financial wellbeing; Blanchards Law will give you the correct advice and take advice for you and direct you to appropriate experts where necessary across all jurisdictions.

Empathy, experience, results

As lawyers with a wealth of experience in multi-jurisdictional family law matters, we have the expertise to ease your mind.

Blanchards Law’s empathetic approach and experience of dealing with international divorce and financial orders after a foreign divorce will make the process less daunting for you while achieving the outcomes you are looking for.

Everyone’s requirement is different which is why Blanchards always put you at the centre of everything we do.

Confidence from our clients

Punam Denley is a Partner at Blanchards Law and an expert in jurisdictional disputes, international divorce and financial orders after a foreign divorce. She successfully represented Aline Michele in an application for a financial order in England after a divorce in another country.

She writes:

What our clients say:

“Punam … your patience and kindness towards me when I was, quite frankly, the epitome of a nightmare, slightly crazy, difficult client was amazing and exactly the support I needed. You are the one of the shining stars who have helped me through the darkest days”

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