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What we do, how we do it and who we do it for

We put you at the centre of all that we do. That’s what makes us different from other family lawyers and solicitors in the Maidenhead area. 

Here are just a few reasons you’ll be in safe hands when you trust Blanchards Law to guide you and achieve the best possible settlement.

What we do

First and foremost, we’re accomplished listeners. That’s why we’ll take our lead from you, taking careful note of all that you say. This puts us in an ideal position to present your case fairly – using the right facts and with a view to getting the best possible settlement. 

Using our expertise we’ll guide you through the process, breaking down legal jargon into everyday terms you’ll be able to understand. This means you’ll feel a part of what’s happening instead of being apart from it, and you will know precisely what’s happening and why. 

As no two cases are the same – the situations and people always vary – we approach each case with a fresh pair of eyes, putting your concerns and needs centre stage from the very beginning. 

How we do it 

The break-up of a relationship can be traumatic. It affects not just you but loved ones too – in particular, any children involved but also friends and family members. 

Then there’s the legal aspect of the breakup. Do you really have the energy to interpret complex legal jargon at a time when your mind is most probably elsewhere? 

At Blanchards Law, we specialise in breaking down complex legal language into concepts our customers understand – which means you’ll always be in the know. We’ll also manage your expectations throughout to avoid any misunderstandings or surprises later on in the process. You can rely on our knowledgeable team to handle your case with empathy at all times and guide you toward the settlement that you and your family deserve. 

Find out why we’re different from other family lawyers & divorce solicitors in Maidenhead by contacting a friendly member of our team today with confidence. 

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What our clients say:

Recent testimonials from clients confirm how they felt about the way we represented them:

Dear AishlingThank you for your assistance to date.I can confirm I was delighted with your service and felt 'protected'. Best wishes to you and your team - Joanna F


"Punam has been superb throughout the divorce process.  Clearly a stressful time but at every step of the way over the past 18 months she quickly analysed the numerous problems as the wife tried to manipulate the process and she quickly put everything into perspective while providing both the perfect legal advice to Daniel and good counselling to keep him mentally robust.  There were dayswhen he and his family did not know which way to turn, but always Punam was able to quickly set the right course of action and the final outcome has been a fair and just settlement.  We are all most grateful to Punam for the expert and compassionate way she has handled this divorce.  Many thanks." - Roger W

Can we help you? Please call us on 0333 344 6302 or contact us through our enquiry form. All initial enquiries are free and without obligation.

Family Law and Divorce FAQs:

It’s common practice for law firms like ours to operate on an hourly rate. But we’ll tell you what our costs are before your case begins and send an itemised monthly bill that explains what we did and why – giving you much-needed peace of mind. 

Beginning divorce proceedings is easier than ever before. In most cases, you can begin the process online by investing just a few minutes of your time. Don’t worry though, our team will be there to help if you have any questions. 

The answer will depend on a range of factors. But, on average, expect your divorce to take between 7-8 months. Proceedings take slightly longer thanks to the introduction of the 2022 no fault divorce law which introduced a 20-week cooling-off period for divorcing couples.. 

Yes, it is possible to divorce your partner without the need to instruct a solicitor. There is no legal requirement but there are pros and cons. The most important is that you don’t want to get to your final order on the divorce, without having a financial settlement in place. This is because you could lose out on valuable benefits if you are an ex-spouse, and ultimately, you could walk away with less than you deserve. 

It is possible to negotiate an agreement without a solicitor, but it is not possible to lodge it at court without legal help. The agreement – ‘Consent order’ – is in legal language, so it’s advisable both to seek help to ensure the judge approves the paperwork, but also to ensure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to. Once the Consent order is approved, you can’t change your mind as in most respects it’s a full and final settlement.. 

Common law marriage is not a recognised legal term or concept in England & Wales. If you cohabit with your partner – but are not married – you do not necessarily have any rights to property or maintenance. For example, if you’re not named on a rental agreement, you could be asked to leave and you have no automatic right to stay.

A range of factors will influence how much you walk away with. We would look to divide assets fairly but it’s not always that simple. You might have vastly differing incomes – meaning your housing requirements vary tremendously. 

In many cases, parents will work out how to split time fairly, so they can spend an equal amount of time with their parents. In some cases, discussions break down in which case mediation or other out-of-court dispute resolution become necessary. 

In cases where couples can’t reach an agreement, they partake in a voluntary out-of-court process called mediation. This involves talking via a trained third party who helps them work through their issues. Blanchards Law are mediators and also trained in the collaborative law process as well as being specialist Family Lawyers & Divorce Solicitors in Maidenhead. 

Examples of cases we've worked on

  •  International divorce ‘races.’ Did you know UK law prioritises the less wealthy? In cases where one party lives in England – and the other abroad – securing English jurisdiction quickly to get a favourable outcome is paramount. Fortunately, our teams have extensive experience in working on such cases.
  • International financial settlements. On occasion, we’re instructed by a client whose partner issued divorce proceedings in a foreign country. Such cases are complex and require specialist knowledge. With considerable expertise in this area, we can help you achieve the outcome you deserve. 
  • Securing financial settlements for international divorces. Normally court orders are final. This means the criteria for overturning orders are narrow. But there are exceptions to the rule. For example, if a party lied about their financial situation the order could be set aside. We have a strong track record in this area – having won £1.5m extra for a recent client.
  • Challenging pension Sharing orders. Until recently pension sharing orders have been final. But we made legal history for a client after the sudden death of his wife – resulting in the pension order being set aside in his favour.

Can we help you? Please call us on 0333 344 6302 or contact us through our enquiry form. All initial enquiries are free and without obligation.

Reasons why Clients choose Blanchards Law

If you’ve been looking for trustworthy divorce lawyers and family lawyers in Maidenhead, here are eight reasons to make Blanchards law your first choice. 

  1. Client-first – meaning you’ll always be our number one priority.
  2. Bespoke – we’ll build a strategy around your needs to get the best outcome.
  3. Empathetic – using a sensitive approach we’ll uncover the right solution.
  4. Goal-driven – we’re experts at strong case-control and firm negotiation.
  5. Service – from start to finish and beyond our support is second to none.
  6. Knowledge – using our extensive experience we’ll work hard to deliver the best result
  7. Affordable – industry-leading knowledge and service needn’t cost the earth.
  8. Honest – our approach is never anything less than candid.

Can we help you? Find out why we are the no. 1 choice for Family Lawyers & Divorce Solicitors in Maidenhead by calling us on 0333 344 6302 or contact us through our enquiry form. All initial enquiries are free and without obligation.

Stories & case studies to help you

Please read our blogs on our cohabitation work and practice. Like you, many client have come to us because the blogs are informative and designed to help you understand what you can do to resolve your situation.

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