Trust & Inheritance Issues

Blanchards Law is a niche family law practice with specialists in inheritance and trust disputes.

Challenges over inheritance and trusts can be complicated, emotionally taxing and expensive. Taking the decision to object to a Will is not a decision to be taken lightly as legal battles can be time consuming and overwhelming. Seeking advice early can mitigate problems further down the line.

When problems do arise, we take a holistic approach to problem solving. Our tailored service ensures every client receives appropriate advice to make informed decisions. As mediators, we can help you resolve inheritance issues outside of court with alternative dispute resolution, which can be a more affordable solution.

Trusts can be effective tools for protecting assets and providing for your loved ones in a tax-efficient way. Where trusts are used for inheritance, it is essential to seek legal advice at the start. Including a trust or inheritance in an asset list can indicate that they are up for grabs in financial disputes. This is a fast moving and changing area of law which our expert solicitors monitor closely to give our clients the best quality advice.

Why Blanchards Law?

We have extensive experience in these areas of law, and if a court application is necessary to contest a Will or to deal with an intestacy (someone dying without leaving a Will), we can assist in a sensitive but proactive way to get the proceedings on foot. Our team is highly effective at defending in proceedings if you find yourself at the sharp end of them.

We have developed excellent relationships with specialist Chancery barristers to assist clients where appropriate and to ensure speedy advice is obtained. We also advise on cross-jurisdictional matters and manage litigation as pro-actively and cost-effectively as possible.

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Stories & case studies to help you

Please read our blogs on our trust and inheritance work and practice. Like you, many client have come to us because the blogs are informative and designed to help you understand what you can do to resolve your situation.

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