Blanchards Law is a niche family law practice with children’s law specialists.  We cover all areas of children law, whether you need advice on child custody, child abduction, paternity rights, Child Arrangement Orders & Agreements, financial orders for children. Whether you are a married or unmarried couple, the law surrounding children does not differentiate.

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We know the welfare of your children is your primary concern. The specialist team at Blanchards Law are parents ourselves, so we know how to support and guide our clients through the challenges of children disputes. Whether you are a married or an unmarried couple, you are first and foremost parents. Our experienced solicitors are best placed to advise parents and grandparents of their rights when it comes to the wellbeing of children.

During the breakdown of a relationship, it can be a worrying time for parents who want to protect their children and maintain parental contact. There can sometimes be disputes over where the child or children will live. If the parents cannot agree, a Child Arrangement Order may be required from the Court to decide where the child will live and what contact they should have with the other parent. If shared care is ordered, this does not necessarily mean that the time is shared equally between the parents. In more serious cases child abduction can be an issue.

Child Arrangement Orders used to be known as Residence Orders and Contact Orders. A Child Arrangement Order now covers both, and any parents, who have the older Orders need not to re-apply.

The courts assume that you can make arrangements about the kids between yourselves, which is why there are no automatic hearing dates to consider their welfare.

If you really can’t agree, then pursue mediation or collaboration first. We are mediators at Blanchards Law too. It can sometimes really help to have an unbiased third person’s view, especially if they are legally trained. If all else fails, or there is simply no time to lose, then court may be the only option.

You will have many questions. We can provide expert advice to support and assist you on all the issues.

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