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What we do and who we do it for

What you can expect from Blanchards Law is that extra care and pride in our service to you. You deserve the best quality representation, and we work very hard to ensure that you feel safe and confident in our care. That differentiates us from other family lawyers in Beaconsfield and elsewhere.

You are the most important person in your case. We take our lead from you, and listening to you, whilst giving you the crucial direction and common sense that you need, when you are confused, and being pulled in different directions by well-meaning family and friends. You can trust us to put you on the right track.

We deal with matters close to your heart; divorce and the breakdown of a cohabiting relationship, the financial implications arising from that, and perhaps most importantly to you, what happens to your children. We will deal with you sensitively, empathetically, and directly. That means we will tell you what you need to know and will not give you any false expectations.

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What our clients say:

Recent testimonials from clients confirm how they felt about the way we represented them:

Dear AishlingThank you for your assistance to date.I can confirm I was delighted with your service and felt 'protected'. Best wishes to you and your team - Joanna F


"Punam has been superb throughout the divorce process.  Clearly a stressful time but at every step of the way over the past 18 months she quickly analysed the numerous problems as the wife tried to manipulate the process and she quickly put everything into perspective while providing both the perfect legal advice to Daniel and good counselling to keep him mentally robust.  There were dayswhen he and his family did not know which way to turn, but always Punam was able to quickly set the right course of action and the final outcome has been a fair and just settlement.  We are all most grateful to Punam for the expert and compassionate way she has handled this divorce.  Many thanks." - Roger W

Can we help you? Please call us on 0333 344 6302 or contact us through our enquiry form. All initial enquiries are free and without obligation.

Questions you will want answers to:

Over 90% of cases are resolved without going near a court, so your case is more likely to be
one of those.

We believe in a conciliatory approach and will always try to negotiate with the other parent to start access again if it has stopped. Court is a last resort.

Shared care means that the child spends significant periods with each parent. That does not mean a straight 50/50 split of time. It is what is in the child’s best interests, and what works for them and their needs.

Parental Responsibility means that you are entitled to have say in the education, care, and upbringing of your child. It also means that you have a right to be consulted about important milestones in that child’s life, such as baptism, or moving to another place to live. A biological mother automatically has parental responsibility. A father gains it through being married to the mother when the child is born, being named on the birth certificate, or if an order is made granting him parental responsibility.

If you have parental responsibility, you should be consulted about such changes. If you are not, and a decision has already been taken, you may be able to stop that move taking place, as long as you seek specialist advice quickly. If your child has been taken to another country without your consent, you may be able to obtain an order that the child is returned. However, specialist advice from an expert, such as Blanchards Law, is crucial.

Examples of cases we've worked on

  • Relocation within England – We represent parents who want to move away with their children, and those who seek to oppose it. We ensure that we produce a high quality of work and representation. We won a recent case against the odds when a parents sought to move with her boys from Cambridgeshire to Somerset.
  • Unmarried Couple Settlements – Common marriage does not exist. We disentangled business and property arrangements between a couple so they could walk away. They simply could not get on, and the business could not function. The children were being very badly affected.
  • Pet Custody – We successfully obtained an order for the return of a much-loved pet, who was
    being held to ransom by one of the parties.
  • Emergency Injunctions – Every week, we obtain orders to protect one party and/or the children from the violence and abuse from another person with whom they were in a relationship.

Can we help you? Please call us on 0333 344 6302 or contact us through our enquiry form. All initial enquiries are free and without obligation.

Reasons why Clients choose Blanchards Law

  • Recommendations – The vast majority of our cases come from other satisfied clients. Most emails and telephone calls start with: “Such-and-such said I should call you…” We are very proud of our record of looking after our clients.
  • Expertise and great service – We will deploy our years of experience and expertise to deliver the best result for you, with efficiency and outcomes at an affordable price.
  • Clear advice – We will always tell you the truth. We will never advise you to pursue a case which we feel you would not win. Sadly, many lawyers prefer to line their pockets, rather than be honest with their clients as to the prospects of success.

Can we help you? Please call us on 0333 344 6302 or contact us through our enquiry form. All initial enquiries are free and without obligation.

Stories & case studies to help you

Please read our blogs on our cohabitation work and practice. Like you, many client have come to us because the blogs are informative and designed to help you understand what you can do to resolve your situation.

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