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What we do and who we do it for

Putting you at the centre of your case is one of the key values that differentiate Blanchards Law from other family lawyers in Marlow, and elsewhere.

Every single case we take on is different; it has different issues and complexities but most of all it involves different people. Which is why we put you: our client at the centre of everything we do, because you are the most important person in your case. 

Our core skill at Blanchards Law is listening. By listening and taking our lead from you, we can present your case in the best possible way and in the way that you deserve.

We deal with matters close to your heart; divorce and the breakdown of a cohabiting relationship, the financial implications arising from that, and perhaps most importantly to you, what happens to your children. We will deal with you sensitively, empathetically and directly. That means we will tell you what you need to know and will not give you any false expectations. 

You can trust us to advise and guide you to the settlement that is right for you, your family and your children. 

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What our clients say:

A recent testimonial from a client confirms our ethos and the way we do things at Blanchards Law:

Punam, I just wanted a final note to thank you for all your help. I know you do this every day, but for me, this was a life altering (shattering at first) experience that I had no idea how to find my way through. It is hard to believe how many days have passed from when I first found myself in your office, crying over what was in front of me. Somehow I'm grateful for all of it and I know with certainty there was no other way but this way. The kids are happy, work is good, life moves on. There's a lot of ways to live and letting go is a very very interesting practice in life.Anyway - thank you for going the distance with me on it and for all your insight. I'm glad it's done and I'm grateful and so very appreciative to have been able to work with you throughout. This can't be easy doing this work every day -- but it's a lifeline as we're finding our way through it.Signing off from California. I don't know how I'd have found my way back without your help. Thank you. Jennifer F

Can we help you? Please call us on 0333 344 6302 or contact us through our enquiry form. All initial enquiries are free and without obligation.

Family Law and Divorce FAQs

Most solicitors operate on an hourly rate, as we do. We are careful to set out to all our clients proper costs advice at the beginning of a case, and we will bill you every month for the work that we do. You can request a bill at any time, so you always know where you stand, and you can budget more effectively for this unique period in your life.

This can now be done online very simply and easily.

In general, between 7 to 8 months. The new no-fault divorce law was introduced in April 2022 and imposes a mandatory 20-week cooling off period on the couple, which extends the process a bit.

Yes you can, and you can also lodge your agreement online too. However, the agreement has to be in specific legal language before a judge will approve it, so you should always seek legal advice and help to negotiate it and draft it.

There is no such thing as ‘common law marriage’ in England. Your rights as a cohabitee are much inferior to those of married people.

As a starting point, we look at an equal division of all the assets generated during the marriage. But this is not the answer for most people, as you will have differing needs, incomes and therefore mortgage capacities, housing needs, and where the children will live may have an impact. There is no ‘one size fits all’ case in family law.

People will usually make their own arrangements about where and how much time the children will spend with each parent. Where it is impossible to do that, we would urge you to try mediation and other forms of out-of court dispute resolution. Most parents find   a way, and court is the last resort, as decision-making is taken away from you.

This is a voluntary and private form of out-of court dispute resolution, where you and your partner sit down with an impartial, trained third party to work though the issues that are holding you back from moving on with your lives. We are mediators at Blanchards law, and we understand the benefits of having control over the agreements you reach. Experience shows that separated couples are happier with decisions over which they feel they have ownership, and into which they have input, rather than those imposed on them by a court.

Examples of cases we've worked on

  • International Divorce – Every day we work on English divorce cases. Sometimes however, we have to grapple with international divorces, where one party wants to have a divorce in England, and the other in a different country. We have been involved in ‘races’ whereby we want to be the first to secure English jurisdiction for the divorce, because in general, English law is more favourable to the less wealthy party.
  • International financial settlements – Sometimes we receive instructions from someone whose partner has already issued a divorce in another country. We have had many cases of securing an English financial settlement after a foreign divorce. This is a very specialist area of law, in which we have particular expertise.
  • Overturning a Financial Settlement – Court orders are designed to be final, as judges do not want to ensure an end to litigation. The parameters for setting aside orders therefore are very narrow. However, there are some cases where the original order was unfair, perhaps because one party lied about their financial circumstances. We acted in a case where we managed to set aside an order, resulting in an additional £1.5m aware to the wife.
  • Undoing a pension Sharing order – Pension sharing orders are final after they have been implemented by a pension company. However we made legal history when we successfully set aside the pension order in favour of the husband, following the unexpected death of the wife a year after the order was made.

Can we help you? Please call us on 0333 344 6302 or contact us through our enquiry form. All initial enquiries are free and without obligation.

Reasons why Clients choose Blanchards Law

Client choose us due to Blanchards Law’s values

  • Client first – you are at the core of what we do
  • Empathy – your needs are paramount and we strive to understand you, what you want and how we can achieve your goal
  • Advice – you will receive direct advice and a clear strategy
  • Goal orientated – achieving your goals with firm negotiation and case control
  • Service & efficiency – you receive an efficient, quality service with prompt response times
  • Expertise – we will deploy our years of experience and expertise to deliver the best result for you
  • Affordability – you will receive great service, efficiency and outcomes at an affordable price
  • We tell the truth

Can we help you? Please call us on 0333 344 6302 or contact us through our enquiry form. All initial enquiries are free and without obligation.

Stories & case studies to help you

Please read our blogs on our cohabitation work and practice. Like you, many client have come to us because the blogs are informative and designed to help you understand what you can do to resolve your situation.

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