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Blanchards Lawyer goes to Parliament

Natasha Ord of Blanchards Law, a family lawyer based in Henley-on-Thames travelled to Parliament on Wednesday to meet with local MP John Howell. Ms Ord was taking part in a major lobby of Parliament organised by family law organisation Resolution,…

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Tips for Managing your Legal Costs and Saving Money in Divorce and Children Disputes

By Punam Denley of Blanchards Law. Blanchards Law is a niche family law practice with divorce solicitors, mediators and collaborative lawyers. Can we help you? Please call us on 0845 658 6639 or email us at   I was…

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How do you enforce a Contact/Access Order? The Children and Adoption Act 2006 | The Children & Families Act 2013

In brief Child Arrangement Orders’ have been brought in as of April 2014, which endeavour to remove labelling of parents as either having the children living with them, or seeing them on a regular basis. This labelling has been the cause of a huge…

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New Rules for 2014

On 22 April 2014, a new vision of the practice of family law in England and Wales was ushered in. This was as a result of increasing distaste in government circles with the amount of public money being spent on family breakdown. The process of this…

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Pre-Nuptial Agreements to become enforceable in England?

Pre-Nuptial Agreements to become enforceable in England? The Daily Mail reports today that legislation will be brought forward to enforce pre marriage agreements:…

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What to do when your spouse wants to divorce in a different country to you

                By Punam Denley of Blanchards Law Sometimes family law proceedings can be taken in more than one country. Clients and some divorce lawyers are often at a loss to decide where they should divorce when they have a variety of links…

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What does the decision in Petrodel v Prest mean?

By Punam Denley of Blanchards Law. Yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court (12 June 2013) reaffirms what family lawyers have long believed: A party who has placed his assets within a company which he wholly owns and controls, cannot protect those…

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Leave to Remove Applications & Child Abduction

By Punam Denley of Blanchards Law. If you want to take a child out of England or Wales, and you don’t have a Residence Order then you will need to ask permission of everyone with Parental Responsibility for the child.

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Can your marriage be annulled?

By Punam Denley of Blanchards Law. As divorce law currently stands in England & Wales, you cannot bring a Divorce Petition to end the marriage until a year has elapsed since the date of the wedding.

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